Join us

How to reach us?

Do you want to be part of our association? Are you a producer or a restaurateur in the heart of the Alpilles or the Camargue? Contact us.

If you are a volunteer and you fulfill our quality charter, our committee will decide on your integration into our association.

Joining us is the possibility of being put in touch with the producers and restaurateurs of the region, sharing common values and the passion for the region. It is also a way of being highlighted thanks to the referencing in the Guide for a year and thanks to the participation in different culinary events.

The commitments of restaurateurs

By joining us, restaurateurs commit to volunteering some of their time to participate in culinary events, but also to favor good and beautiful regional products on their restaurant menu. The products processed must come, as much as possible, from local production, respectful of the environment and seasonality.

Producers' commitments

By being part of the Grand Sud Conservatory of Kitchens, producers work in a defined territory and commit to producing labeled, organic or higher quality products. Production must be as local as possible, respectful of the environment and seasonality.