Olive oil

The benefits of olive oil

Olive oils are present in the Camargue with an area with an organic farming label and in the Baux valley with 10 areas with protected appellations of origin.

The consumption of olives and olive oils is one of the main characteristics of the so-called Mediterranean diet.

The exceptional richness of olive oil in monounsaturated fatty acids (55 to 80%), the main representative of which is oleic acid, explains why it occupies a special place.

Note also its lack of saturated fatty acids.

It is an oil which also has good stability to oxidation and to high temperatures and which is suitable for all culinary uses.

It is on average five times richer in vitamin E than butter. Virgin olive oil has a peculiarity that is not shared by any table oil and which is of nutritional value.

This particularity is its richness in phenolic compounds.

It is the only one that is consumed directly in such large quantities without having been refined.

Olive oil is a health food in the so-called Mediterranean diet.

Olive oil has several roles with regard to oleic acid: preventive against cardiovascular pathologies. Preventive in breast cancer according to epidemiological studies and it is the oil that slows down the least gastric evacuation in the digestive system.

At the level of polyphenols, it has an antioxidant role with a lowering of arterial pressure in hyperlipidemic patients and allows an increase in bone density.