Bull meat

Camargue PDO bull meat

Within a generation, we undergo dramatic changes in our diet. The quality and diversity of agricultural and livestock products have been sacrificed in the name of productivity.

Animals that ran freely in nature and fed on the plants available to them are now fattened in stables without the possibility of moving.

These practices have resulted in a sharp increase in fats mainly in the form of saturated fats, a significant reduction in good unsaturated fats and particularly Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Modern society made animal obesity before causing human obesity . This change in breeding method has caused an upheaval in the composition of fat reserves and structure in humans with such consequences that today we can speak of adipose mutation having led to the appearance of many modern diseases associated with inflammation.

Fortunately, it is possible to regain the natural composition of our fats only by a balanced diet from well-nourished animals . For meat, preference should be given to animals raised in conditions closest to their wild state, such as the AOP Camargue bull.

The Camargue PDO bull represents the ideal profile of the ruminant which has grown in the wild without imbalance brought about by human intervention.

The composition of its meat and mainly the nature and content of its fats reflect the diet that this AOC bull consumed in its natural environment.

We can present the meat of the Camargue PDO bull as a nutritional reference for the meat of ruminants reared at our latitude.

The overall fat content of AOP Camargue bull is 6 times lower compared to the meat of farmed beef and the nature of its fat is perfectly balanced with 10 times less saturated fat and the right ratio between the two families of omega 3 and omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

This natural composition of the meat adapted to our latitude constitutes the reference to which the European population should ideally return to avoid a large number of metabolic pathologies of inflammatory origin.

In conclusion, if you want to regain your physiological balance and your healthy weight, choose the AOP bull from Camargue.