Wines from Camargue, Alpilles and Coteaux d'Aix

Camargue and Alpilles wines comply with the Mediterranean nutrition specifications of the Bouches du Rhône Chamber of Agriculture and many producers are also in organic farming or in PDO.

Among the drinks, the richness in polyphenols is one of the characteristics of red wine. They come from the solid parts of the bunch of grapes, skins, seeds and stems.

The originality of wine is that it allows us to absorb large quantities of polyphenols ; any other food so rich in tannins would be rejected for its excessive astringency.

Polyphenols are molecules specific to plants which play a major role in the organoleptic properties of wines. Wine is also rich in several hundred constituents and it cannot therefore be assimilated to a simple hydroalcoholic dilution.

Epidemiological and biological studies carried out for more than 25 years show that wine behaves differently from other alcoholic drinks. On the cardiovascular level, the polyphenols in wine are involved in platelet aggregation, the rebound effect of platelets, the antioxidant capacity of plasma, etc.

These studies demonstrate the existence of a reduction in all-cause mortality.